The number of people that use the internet not only continues to increase but also does the frequency with which people use the internet increase. This means that today there are millions of people going online every minute and in response to this, millions of new websites are appearing, making the internet much larger than it has ever been before.

Make Money Online is one of the titles which is often seen online and although some of them are genuine, many are fake and so knowing which is which has become something of a nightmare but there is no doubt that money can be made online, providing that you go about it the correct way. Thankfully there are also websites like that can help guide you to that correct way without getting caught up in fake leads.

This is a website that is always being updated and one of the latest things that it points out is that although the use of simple SEO practices like just using keywords would have once ensured you had plenty of visitors to your site, the increase in the number of sites now means you have to also use more complex SEO techniques like backlinks in order for your site to become popular.

That does not mean that using keywords is no longer effective as they are and are still essential in attracting new visitors to your site, it is just that so many sites are using keywords today that for your site to become more visible, you also need to use something else and that something else is backlinks.

First, you must realize what keywords do which is draw the search engine’s attention to your website whilst it is compiling a list of results after an online search has been requested. As the search engine’s attention has been drawn to your site at this crucial time, your website is placed at the top of the search engine’s list instead of perhaps being placed after a couple of hundred other websites. This, of course, ensures that when someone makes a specific, relevant search, yours is one of the first sites they will be directed to.

Today though, in order for a website to be effective, it also has to attract visitors that do not make specific searches and that are where backlinks come in. A backlink is a link which is placed on a host website which directs the readers or visitors to your website, increasing the number of visitors your site receives. Of course in the case of backlinks, the more popular the host site is and the more people that visit that site, the more visitors are going to be directed to your site and so you should have your backlinks placed on the most popular host websites you can find. This is where a website developer can assist as they will know the sites which are both relevant to your site and also accept being host to backlinks.