There are many auto shops across the country but the standard that each shop keeps varies considerably and so that is something that you would perhaps want to watch out for. It is therefore recommended that once you find a reliable auto shop, one that only uses recommended parts when something needs changing and follows recommended procedures as described by the manufactures, you stick to that same mechanic every time where ever possible. By staying with the same mechanic, it gives them a chance to better know your vehicle and by knowing your vehicle better, they are in a better position to know what may be wrong with it, if something goes wrong. Perhaps more important though, is they may be able to spot a problem starting before it becomes a real problem and with your permission, prevent it from getting any worse. Although all auto shops may claim to be professional, many will only buy the cheapest parts regardless of if they are suitable for your make or year of car or will take short cuts so as to save time. These auto shops may well get your car back on the road but the question is for how long. The manufacturers of cars do obviously want to buy any spare parts from them but they will also recommend alternatives that may be used. If your mechanic uses a part not on that list, it could be detrimental to your car’s future and perhaps worse, reduce its resale price when you come to sell it. A true professional mechanic will follow the instructions for servicing and repairs, as laid down by the manufacturers and in this way keep your car in the best possible shape. Although these professionals may charge a little extra, it should save you in repair costs later and so should be seen as a saving rather than an added expense. Although a good professional mechanic may list the makes of car they are qualified to service or work on, it does not mean that they are on the list of recommended auto shops given you by the dealership where you bought your car and yet they will complete any task to the same high standards and often at a cheaper price than the shops on the dealer’s list. The most important thing about ensuring you take your car to a true professional is peace of mind. Peace of mind that your car should not break down but perhaps even more important than that is safety. By using only the parts recommended by the manufacturer and carrying out procedures laid down by the manufacturer, you ensure that none of the safety features that your car has are compromised in any way. It isn’t just your safety that is of concern but for most of us it is also the safety of our families and that there can be no compromise on. Lastly there is the peace of mind that when you come to sell the car, it should get the best possible price.